Microblading FAQs: Debunking Common Myths

Myth 1: To get microblading, all hairs need to be removed.

Fact : The natural hairs are kept and utilized to create a more realistic design. Only the hairs outside the desired shape are removed, enhancing the natural look of the brows.

Myth 2: Microblading is painful.

Fact: Microblading can be a little uncomfortable, but it is not usually painful. The pain level varies from person to person, and some people may experience more discomfort than others. However, the pain is usually minimal and can be easily managed with topical anesthetic creams.

Myth 3: Microblading doesn´t require maintanece.

Fact: Microblading needs upkeep through occasional hair removal outside the desired shape to maintain eyebrow consistency. Additional tip, a gentle mechanical scrub is recommended once every three months to sustain vibrant color. Absolutely no chemical products are advised

Myth 4: Microblading can damage your eyebrows.

Fact: Microblading is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced artist. However, it is important to choose an artist who is well-trained and uses sterile equipment to minimize the risk of infection.

Myth 5: Microblading can cause your eyebrows to fall out.

Fact: Microblading does not cause your eyebrows to fall out. The pigment is deposited into the uppermost layer of the skin, where it can fade over time but will not damage the hair follicles.

Myth 6: You can't swim or exercise after microblading.

Fact: You should avoid swimmimh or sweating it  for the first 10 -15 days. You should also avoid rubbing or touching your eyebrows, as this can disrupt the healing process.

Myth 7: You need to get touch-ups every six months.

Fact: The frequency of touch-ups depends on the individual's skin type and lifestyle. However, most people will need touch-ups every 12-18 months to maintain their microblading results. The less the better.

Myth 8: Microblading is only for women.

Fact: Microblading is a great option for both men and women who want to enhance their eyebrows. The procedure can help to fill in sparse areas, define the shape of the eyebrows, and create a more youthful appearance.

Myth 9: Microblading is expensive.

Fact: The cost of microblading varies depending on the location, experience of the artist, trainings and products . However, microblading is generally considered to be a worthwhile investment, as it can significantly improve the appearance of the eyebrows.

Myth 10: Microblading is not worth it.

Fact: Microblading can significantly improve the appearance of the eyebrows and can boost your confidence. If you are considering microblading, it is important to do your research and choose a qualified and experienced artist.