On line Consultation*

Complimentary 15-minute online consultation with a  brief virtual brow simulation



Personalized In-Studio Consultation*

See Before Commit:
For those seeking more confidence before committing, we offer an in-person consultation with a pencil simulation. In this one-hour session, we draw one eyebrow on your face to show the final result. This optional consultation is highly recommended for previewing your new look.



Customized Design

We prepare a custom design based on the photos you send us, even if no consultation was done.


Shape Creation

On the day of the treatment , we draw the shape of the eyebrows as a frame , following your facial morphology and proportions. You approve the drawn shape before we proceed.


Treatment Application

Using microblading or a dermograph for natural, flawless results. Receive a premium aftercare product kit for optimal healing.
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