The Essential Aftercare Guide

In the realm of enhancing facial beauty through microblading or thermograph treatment, aftercare plays a pivotal role in determining the longevity and vibrancy of your results. Achieving the desired eyebrow shape and ensuring optimal pigment retention demand meticulous adherence to post-treatment care instructions.

Immediate Post-Session Care:

Within the first thirty minutes following your procedure, gently cleanse your eyebrows using the premium kit provided by Sabrina Browboutique. This kit includes specially designed wipes that effectively absorb lymph without disrupting the healing process. Lymph is the culprit behind scab formation, which can lead to pigment loss and unsightly scabbing. By cleansing the treated area properly, you can prevent scabbing altogether.

Moisturizing with Skin Candy:

After cleansing, apply a minimal amount of Skin Candy cream, containing beeswax, to the eyebrow area. The size of a half-grain of rice should suffice. Avoid over-applying the cream, as excess oil can interfere with the healing process. Cleanse your eyebrows every one and a half hours for the next day.

Special Patches for Sleep:

During the first night, wear the provided patches while sleeping to further protect and promote healing. The following day, cleanse your eyebrows twice or thrice, applying Skin Candy cream afterward.

Oily Skin Care:

For clients with oily skin, no additional cream is necessary. Simply cleanse your eyebrows twice a day, morning and evening, for 10-15 days. Treat the eyebrows separately from the rest of your facial cleansing routine.

Post-Treatment Regimen:

Avoid swimming, excessive sweating, dusty environments, saunas, steam rooms, direct sun exposure, and makeup application on the eyebrows for the initial 15 days. These precautions are crucial to prevent pigment loss and ensure optimal results, especially during summer.

Sun Protection for Long-Lasting Pigment:

Subsequent to the initial 15 days, apply a sun protection sticker with an SPF of 50 to your eyebrows to preserve vibrant color.

Maintaining Brow Shape:

Regular tweezing is essential to maintain the desired eyebrow shape. Allow any stray hairs to grow beyond the desired shape and then tweeze them regularly to prevent unevenness.

By following these aftercare instructions meticulously, you can unlock radiant, long-lasting eyebrows that enhance your natural beauty. Sabrina Browboutique is committed to providing you with the highest quality microblading and thermograph treatments, coupled with personalized aftercare guidance to ensure your eyebrows remain a source of confidence for years to come.